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Op Room

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Experimental operating theater dedicated to practical teaching

The experimental operating room at IRCAD/EITS is a unique teaching unit comprising 17 HD experimental surgical working stations linked by a high-speed image transmission system.

Documentary credits : Pascal RIEDINGER, Riedproductions

Each working station is composed of an operating table, a digital 3-CCD endoscopic camera coupled with a 300W xenon cold light source, a broadband thermal insufflator and a vacuum suction-irrigation system.
Each station features 5 and 10 millimeter optics with 0° and 30° view angles.
Each operating table can be lit up by a surgical scialytic.

Working stations are linked by an interactive multimedia teaching system, which displays different kinds of images, such as external views using a camera incorporated in a shadowless lamp, endoscopic views of the chief expert's table and images from a multimedia computer presenting all surgical procedures in laparoscopic surgery.

IRCAD/EITS experimental lab  
experimental lab
To rotate 360° view, click on image and pull with mouse

There are 2 surgeons per surgical station to interact with and help one another, since interventions become increasingly complex over teaching sessions.

Single-use surgical dress is provided. In order to comply with real surgical conditions, participants are assisted by a theater nurse. In addition, an expert in laparoscopy in animal models supervises 2 to 3 operating tables to facilitate learning acquisition.

Experimental theater in surgical robotics

EITS provides surgeon trainees with a new experimental Operating Room dedicated to robotics, a modular and evolutionary structure incorporating a broad range of new technologies.
Structurally, the entire OR is composed of metallic partition walls that can be modified, moved and adapted according to technical constraints.

The operating table is a modular set (Maquet's) complete with a high-speed cleaning-disinfection system, which optimizes infectious security parameters.

Four technical arms encompass the surgical area. On the one hand, they support the whole endoscopic surgical equipment, screens and other dedicated functions, which are available to surgeons.
Thanks to these technical arms, there is no component touching the ground, hence ensuring an optimal hygiene (suspension of the anesthetic arm, videoscopy columns, etc.). All technical arms have access to anesthetic and surgical fluids including compressed air, vacuum and carbon dioxide.

On the other hand, they all have video, image, sound, electronic and phone connections to provide screens with great modularity, and display images from any source on any screen (computerized reconstructions and internal/external videoconference images).

The OR is entirely remote-controlled via a tactile screen and a voice-controlled system.
Therefore, all elements (camera, cold light source, operating table, electrocautery, etc.) can be steered by the surgeon, thereby saving considerable human resources.

The management of all patient parameters, as well as surgical data (in particular video images) are fully integrated, recorded or transmitted from a distance with this system.

The robotic system enables surgical teams to train regularly. It also allows continuous monitoring of robotic performances.

Eventually, the OR is permanently connected to the broadband ISDN network of the Institute. As a result, videoconferences can be achieved from the surgical theater to the experimental teaching OR.

The OR can also be connected to teaching systems, making it possible to spread new technologies and training worldwide.

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