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A unique structure

In 1993, Professor Jacques Marescaux felt that medicine as a science was undergoing profound changes, switching from the industrial era into that of the information era. In this context, he created an original private institute, dedicated to improving the status of basic research against cancer (IRCAD) and developing new computer technologies in the field of medicine (EITS).

Documentary credits : Pascal RIEDINGER, Riedproductions

The idea was to create a centre where healthcare professionals, surgeons, physicians, researchers, engineers and computer scientists could combine their energies in a dedicated and dynamic institute.

Such a centre did not exist in Europe, as the concept implied a strong partnership between industrialists and a university environment. This innovative concept quickly caught the attention of industrialists, private investors and local government entities. Since its inauguration in 1994, IRCAD-EITS has built a solid reputation as a centre of excellence in the field of basic and applied research, and new surgical technologies.

The reputation of IRCAD-EITS places this unique institute among the top surgical training facilities in the world.

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