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IRCAD Latin America

the training centre for excellence in minimal access surgery in Latin America

On 9th July 2011, IRCAD (Research Institute against Digestive Cancer) inaugurated its second international branch, IRCAD Latin America, new research and training center in minimally invasive surgery located in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

With a surface of more than 7.000 m², IRCAD Latin America is one of the largest training centres in minimally invasive surgery in America.

The objective of IRCAD Latin America (AMITS) is twofold. It is geared up:

  • to provide top quality training in minimally invasive surgery, and even non-invasive;
  • to promote research and development in the field of new surgical computer-guided and robotic assisted technologies.

For further information, please access the AMITS website


2014 Courses Calendar

January February March April May June
February 03 - 05
General Surgery FOR RESIDENTS
February 20 - 21
GI Endoscopy
March 10 - 13
General Surgery
March 14 - 15
Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
March 24 - 26
Pediatric Surgery
April 07 09
Gynecological Surgery Advanced Techniques
April 11 - 12
Colorectal Surgery
April 24 - 26
Urological Surgery
May 05 -09
Digestive Oncological Surgery
May 26 - 28
Laparoscopic Suture
May 29 - 31
Intensive Course in Hysteroscopy
June 02 - 04
Gynecological Surgery FOR RESIDENTS
June 06 - 07
Hernia Surgery
July August September October November December
July 21 - 23
General Surgery FOR RESIDENTS
August 01 - 02
Hepatic Surgery
August 04-06
Current Techniques in the treatment of Severe Endometriosis
August 07-09
Gynecological Cancer
August 15 - 16
Wrist Arthroscopy
September 03 - 04
Upper Digestive Surgery
September 05 - 06
Hernia Repair Surgery
September 12 - 13
Urological Surgery FOR RESIDENTS
October 02 - 04
Knee Arthroscopy
October 09 - 11
September 22 - 23
Thoracic Advanced Surgery
October 13 - 15
Laparoscopic Suture
October 16
Bariatric Endoscopic Surgery
October 17 - 18
Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
October 30 - November 01
Urological Surgery
November 06 - 08
Digestive Surgery
November 24 - 26
General Surgery FOR RESIDENTS
December 01 - 03
Endoscopic access to the Skull Base
December 04 - 06
Pediatric Urological Surgery
December 08 - 11
General Surgery
December 11
December 12-13
Colorectal Surgery