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EITS is the surgical
education platform of

WeBSurg, the e-surgical reference in Laparoscopy

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COURSE OBJECTIVES of Pediatric Surgery

  • to cover a broad spectrum of surgical procedures in pediatric surgery
  • to provide indications for surgical treatment and discuss operative complications
  • to highlight technicalities of surgical interventions through the broadcasting of videos
  • to allow discussion between the experts and the surgeon trainees
  • to provide hands-on sessions to improve skills in laparoscopic surgery through practice on live tissue under experts’ tutorials
  • to describe postoperative clinical results and practical applications of evidence-based clinical medicine.

EDUCATIONAL METHODS of Pediatric surgery

- Interactive theoretical and video sessions between faculty and course participants
- Hands-on training on live tissue (mini-pigs) in experimental lab

TARGET AUDIENCE of Pediatric surgery

Laparoscopic pediatric surgeons.

Advanced Course Videosurgery in Pediatric Urology (2014)

Advanced Course in Pediatric Surgery (2015)
  • 2015, March 26 - 28
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